Fiscal Policy in Spain: How is it affecting us?

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Fiscal Policy in Spain: How is it affecting us?

26/02/2014 | Sara González Gómez (Alumna UC)

Since the beginning of the economic crisis in 2008, Spanish citizens have suffered a huge amount of budgetary cutbacks.

In education and healthcare, Mariano Rajoy, the government´s president, approved a cutback of 10 billion euros: 3 billion euros in education and 7 billion euros in healthcare. This has been the biggest cutback of social services of the Spanish democracy. Also, the government decided in July of 2012 that pensioners should pay 10 percent of the price of medicines.

In addition, the government has increased the university tuition fees and the number of pupils per classroom, changed the conditions of scholarships, reduced the number of teachers in schools and universities, and also has reduced the number of libraries. In my opinion, libraries shouldn´t be considered as an expenditure; they are an investment. Furthermore, the politicians complain about the Spanish students being less prepared than the rest of Europe.

If I was in power, I would reduce the number of politicians and the number of ministers, and not education because EDUCATION is the future. These students will work to pay the future pensions of these politicians.

In my opinion, politicians should tax on the rich more and punish tax evasion.

In Spain, the VAT has increased by three points, from 18 percent to 21 percent. For example, going to the cinema before had a 4 percent to VAT but now it has a 21 percent to VAT so people only go to the cinema if there are special offers.

On the other hand, the taxes on the alcohol and tobacco have risen, and I think that this is a good idea because you can live without this things. However, if you raise the taxes on food, water, medicine, etc. people won’t be able to pay for them and these things are basic necessities.

Nota: Este artículo ha sido elaborado por Sara González Gómez, alumna de la Universidad de Cantabria, como una de las actividades enmarcadas dentro del programa de capacitación lingüística, dando su permiso para la publicación del mismo en FxM.

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