We think about it all, but we don´t think about the important things

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We think about it all, but we don´t think about the important things

20/11/2013 | Óscar Clemente Campo (Alumno UC)

The primary sector is the sector in which we extract the resources of the earth. It produces the raw material for the other sectors and allows our society work and live. All of our advances are because the primary sector extracts many materials and discovers new and different materials.

Today, people in developed countries appreciate the things that make life easier but we don´t think about the necessary things we need to live. We prioritize buying new technologies or new cars over buying quality food or other commercial products or knowing the origins of things or products that we buy. Everything in our house has an origin and we don´t think about this.

In the past, the primary sector was the most important sector in our national economy but currently it is the last sector in terms of gross production and production value. This situation indicates the development of a country. When the primary sector is the most important sector in the economy, this indicates that the country is not very developed and today Spain is a country where the primary sector is the least important sector. At the moment a few companies control this sector.

Nowadays, Spanish people don´t think about the importance of primary sector in their lives because they think that the influence of primary sector is very small. I believe that this sector is the substance of our current lifestyle and it allows other sectors to work in society. Basically, the primary sector feeds the world and produces all the advances.

In conclusion, I think that we need to consider this sector, its importance in our life and think about the fact that the companies that control this sector are the most powerful companies in the world because they feed everyone or control and change the price of the food or other natural resources. It´s necessary for people to be aware of the origin of all products is the earth and we need controls to allow all people in the world to be able to have similar products and pay a reasonable price.

Nota: Este artículo ha sido elaborado por Óscar Clemente Campo, alumno de la Universidad de Cantabria como una de las actividades enmarcadas dentro del programa de capacitación lingüística, dando su permiso para la publicación del mismo en FxM.

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