The person that trades, buys and sells shares and financial instruments on behalf of others. Someone who makes a living on the stock market buying and selling stock on behalf of others.

It is a financial intermediary (either person or institution) that serves to connect investors and issuers of debt in exchange for a commission. The broker never gets possession of the financial asset that he or she is mediating. Some of the functions performed by the broker are the following:

  • «Creating» business packages.
  • Capturing business portfolio.
  • Bringing two parties with a common interest together.
  • Advising on various operations.
  • Promote the business that has in its portfolio.

There are various types of financial intermediaries such as:

  • Banking entity exclusive agent: person acting on behalf of a financial entity. They do not charge any fee to the customer, because they are paid by their own bank. It is ultimately a personal adviser.
  • Multi-agent or financial intermediary: those who have some kind of working relationship with the financial institutions. No fee is charged to the customer.
  • Independent financial intermediary: provide services independently. They are only paid by the customer, at a previously agreed price.