Renting is a form of financing to go to work in your business and make investments. An entrepreneur or a self-employed with a small business. Usually, renting is often used to invest in assets that over time will lose their value, such as a computer, vehicles, machinery…



The beginning of Renting began in 1920 when the Bell Telephone System a company from the United States met with difficulties to sell their phones and decided to start to rent them.

Renting is a contract of movable property, normally with a duration exceeding 1 year between a lessor and a tenant. The lessor is obliged to transfer the movables to the other part called tenant, which is also required to pay a certain price for a time by the use of good.

The price paid by the lessor can be done in two ways, he can pay it all once, or also pay month-to-month or quarterly.. what we would call income. Income can also pay in anything equivalent, but that it is true and certain. For example with the «fruits» which are collected in the leased asset, this is called income in-kind.

The lease of the property is between 2 and 5 years depending on the function of the well and the evolution of computer systems.

One of the main advantages of renting is that the rent paid for the machine, computer or other property, including expenses associated with the operation, repair, maintenance … that is, if the machine is rented is broken, the company good rental deals with the breakdown of the machine.

However, one disadvantage is that the leasing company puts a limit of use of the leased asset, for example if the number of vehicle km per year you can do at most. In case of breaking these rules it generates penalties.