El Corte Inglés

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El Corte Inglés

29/01/2014 | Daniel Álvarez Carrera (Alumno UC)

This company was created in 1890 and was established in Madrid. The person who founded El Corte Inglés, with the help of his uncle, was Ramón Areces Rodriguez.

First, he purchased a warehouse in order to store all the goods. His shop was small until the 1960s when the business began to grow. During this time, the business expanded rapidly to others communities, such as Andalucía, the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Big changes took place between the 1960s and 1980s. At this stage, Hipercor was created which is now an icon of the company. Moreover, during this time the company was extended to others sector like travel agencies and insurance companies.

In the 1990s, the company became very large because it was able to establish itself in several sectors. Additionally, at this time El Corte Inglés was a company with experience and prestige. The key to its success has been the vision of its management teams. In reality, El Corte Inglés is a “family business”. This means that managers are concerned about the company’s future because they have a personal stake in it.

Into the XXI century, the company has expanded to other countries like Portugal. Their sales had been increasing until 2008, when their profits and sales began to decrease as a result of the economic crisis.

Currently, El Corte Inglés has around 100,000 employees. 93% of the employees are permanently employed. Furthermore, El Corte Inglés is one of the companies in Spain that invests the most in advertising.

Now, it is the biggest “family business” in Spain. The company has become a reference point in commercial sector to Spain. Everybody recognises the company and buys a lot of products because you can buy different types of things. This way, you can always find what you’re looking for.

Nota: Este artículo ha sido elaborado por Daniel Álvarez Carrera, alumno de la Universidad de Cantabria, como una de las actividades enmarcadas dentro del programa de capacitación lingüística, dando su permiso para la publicación del mismo en FxM.

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